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Prices & Sizes

Specialty Red Velvet Cake

Specialty Cakes

3-layer 6" (serves 8-10) £65

Squiggle Cake Design £75

Red Velvet (beetroot cake)


Lemon, Blackberry & Lavender

Black Forest

Summer Berry

(more flavours coming soon)

mango and lime mini cake

Mini Cakes

8 mini cakes (2,5 inch)

of same cake flavour

simply decorated £45

fully loaded £55

mini treat box 2.jpg

Treat Box

Mini Treat Box (2 mini cakes) £10

Regular (4 minis) £20

Large (6 minis) £30


Mixed treat boxes are not customisable.

(for available flavours message us or visit our Instagram or Facebook)

Toffee and Brownie Cake (fully loaded)


Regular 6" (serves 8-10):

simply decorated £40

fully loaded celebration cake £55


Large 7" (serves 10-12):

simply decorated £50

fully loaded celebration cake £65


(see nut free cake options)

raw vegan snickerz

Choc Bars

Snickerz (2.5x5cm) 

Mint Choc Fudge (2.5x5cm)

5 for £13 / 10 for £26

Tiramisu (2.5x5cm)

6 for £13 / 12 for £26

Brownie (5x5cm)

4 for £10 / 8 for £20


Snack Box

What is in our Snack Boxes?

A mixed box of our signature Choc Bars, Truffles, Fudge, and Cannoli £25

Snack boxes are not customisable.

(for available treats message us or visit our Instagram or Facebook)


Bento Cakes

Small 4" bento cake (serves 4-6)

simply decorated

1 flavour £20/ 2 flavours £24

fully loaded celebration cake

1 flavour £28/ 2 flavours £32


Dehydrated Treats

Cannoli with cultured macadamia & cashew ricotta

4 for £13 / 8 for £26

Donuts with cultured cashew glaze

4 for £14/ 8 for £28

neutral ceramic set.jpg

Gift Box

Gift beautiful, artisan made ceramics by Chabi Chic Morocco and a handmade 6" raw cake to someone special.

Ceramics set £50

Ceramics + 6"Cake £85

Ceramics + Specialty Cake £110

Please note: All our Plant Cakes and Treats are handmade and individually decorated, for this very reason they may not be identical as previously seen on the website or on our social media sites.

Full ingredients list is available upon request.



Products are made in a kitchen that handles the following allergens:​ tree nuts, peanuts, sesame​. Due to the packaging methods of some bulk purchased ingredients, traces of other allergens may also be present.

If you have any allergies please let us know.

Although great care is taken, treats may contain shells, stems or pit pieces from the natural ingredients.


Cakes keep fresh in the fridge for 5 days and can be kept in the freezer for 2 months. Store between 5-8 degrees Celsius at all times.

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