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The Plant Cakes Story

I  made it a mission at Plant Cakes to create nutritious, wholesome and raw vegan desserts - because, let's be honest, life is too short not to indulge in super delicious and natural treats.

My love affair with raw vegan desserts started back in 2015, when I found out I was lactose intolerant, and haven't looked back since then. Living a healthy and balanced life is central to me, and I try to make it a priority in all aspects of life.

I am constantly on a journey to improve myself and this passion for a "healthy & balanced life" led me to get certified as a Hatha and Yin yoga teacher, as well as a PT. This journey then led me to do a Sport and Exercise Science degree in Physical Activity and Health and to start up Plant Cakes.. I completed my Raw Dessert Chef certification to be able to offer the best ever "free-from" plant-based dessert valued customers.

In August, 2023, I had the opportunity to spread my love for raw desserts at the Foodies Festival, the UK's biggest touring food, drink and music festival. I loved being up on stage of the Cake & Bake Theatre and demo one of my raw desserts creations..

As always, I juggle many things at the same time in life, but I would not have it any other way, as I want to break the stigma around healthy and plant-based foods tasting bland and boring. On the contrary, it can be a soul-elevating and drool-worthy experience. I would also like to spread the message that we can and we do make a difference and positive changes to our health, our future and the planet by being mindful of our food choices. 


I am over the moon happy to announce that I have started my Raw Chef journey at Crystal Dawn Culinary. It is truly a dream come true to have Crystal as my instructor as her work inspires me in many ways. 

I am super excited about the future of Plant Cakes and being able to offer a wholesome way to get your treat fix.

Stefi x

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